Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Pike Down...IM BACK!

Ho! Ho! Ho!

...I gotta nice lil box under the tree this year.

Blog is back!

Let's see...what have we been missin out on...

We went on a little winning streak in early december, knocked off one of the better teams in egypt who are struggling right now. Picked up a big win against our rival *ARMY*...then we beat up on another team thats in 2nd to last place in the league. Hit a snag against my boy ivans team, may have had something to do with my crowd distraction...ha, court came the night before. Good to see her at the game but couldnt hardly focus,hahaha, j.k! anyhew - played another game after christmas day, I played alot better and we won. Thennnnnnn, tonight we got beat up on by a lesser opponent. Played okay, but the refs took over....ON TO THE NEXT ONE!!

(me and ivan in egypt reppin the 919)

Soooooooo, in the one game against my boys team, ZAMALEK, they have some of the craziest fans in egypt! So before the game i told court not to sit in the crowd cause i knew it might get a lil crunk...anyhew, game went on, I think we were up by maybe 6 at the half....we came back out the locker room after half time and lord behold....THEY FIGHTIN'!!! Our crowd and the opposing team crowd in fistacuffs...police really couldnt do nuttin to stop it....they swingin, spittin on each other, real hood like fight....then i look up...and i see this lil american gal', back against the wall with the SHOCKED LOOK... priceless....glad nobody got hurt. just had to tell that story...GOTTA LOVE THESE FANS!

PYRAMIDS: in4words
Amazing- The site was rather amazin, kinda breathe taking..still dont know how they built it

HOT-had to be about a hunit degress that day

BIG-they were yuuuuuuuuuuge!! And far apart, we aint make it all the way around

HUSTLERS-so many lil hustlers tryin to make a sell, funny stuff!

(Yuck Mouf)
(having too much fun on the camel)



leah said...

Clint look how much fun you guys have been having! I LOVED the pictures of when you went out exploring in Egypt... and on CAMELS?!?! How cool! So glad Courtney could come over and spend some time with you again, you are GLOWING when she's around!!

miss new bougie said...

OMG!!!! im so glad ur back on this...and loved the pics!!! so glad yall got to experiance something so ahhhmmaaaayyzzziinngg together!!!